Meridian Park


Not to be confused with the beautiful park only a few steps away, Meridian Park is another one of WC Smith’s hidden gems. I have found that the most inconspicuous buildings usually have the best deals. The problem is that low profile buildings like this one, usually have little information out there. I originally found this building on Craigslist. Last week, I took a quick tour to see for myself.

photo 2

An obvious pro is the location. The park is a great escape from the city. The area is also accessible. Buses run down 16th street, into the heart of DC. Adams Morgan, U Street, and Columbia Heights are all an easy walk. The nice thing about Meridian Park is that the prime location does not mean you have to give up on space. One bedrooms are spacious and are broken up into several “rooms.” The one bedroom I saw had a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and dining room. Though a studio dweller myself, I appreciate rooms and separation. One interesting feature is that the building allows you to paint. Many rental buildings are very strict about painting. Meridian Park allows you to buy paint and they will cover the walls for you! This is a great way to make your rental feel like your own. Kitchens are updated and there are hardwood floors throughout. The two big takeaways from Meridian Park are space and location. Check out the several one bedrooms available now!



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