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If you are a frequent reader of EBDC, you know that it is a great resource for finding that perfect DC apartment. However, it is also important to me to provide a little inspiration. After finding the perfect place, you start on the long journey of making the place feel like your own. As I have mentioned before, I am guilty of constantly redesigning and reinventing my space. It seemed only natural to reach out to some the area’s most talented interior designers and bloggers to get their perspective on home and decor.

I am excited to launch this series with the very talented Meg Biram. She is one of the ones that most bloggers covet. She has taken her love for writing, design, and art, and turned it into a viable business. A true entrepreneur, Meg has launched an online store, become a distinguished speaker, cofounded two side businesses, and has been featured in some of Washington’s top publications. All of Meg’s work can be seen on her blog.

I had two questions for Meg. The first, “How did you find your home?” The second, “What about your home inspires you?” Guess what? She found her place on Craigslist! A girl after my own heart.

EBDC: How did you find your home?

MB: I actually saw a listing on Craigslist, and I just thought there was no way that a condo that size (1,045 sq feet) would be in the area in DC we were looking at for the price listed. The photos made it look huge. The walls were all a mustard yellow in the photos (not my fave), so that was my first question when we went to look at the unit — can I paint the walls a neutral gray? The woman said yes. I then later convinced her to let me paint a wall black too. The couple who owns our condo was out of town when I emailed them about it, but I was able to get them to agree to show us the unit right when they got back into town. I knew it would go fast because the kitchen and bathroom are updated and there are two walk-in closets (plus three other large closets…I know, it’s amazing). My husband and I walked in and were in love. Once I confirmed that I could paint the walls, we were basically like, OK so what will it take for us to get this condo. I had left our checkbook at our current apartment at the time (which was not close at all) so we had to drive back to get it and bring it back to their house to secure the place as ours. We even overlapped for a month with the apartment lease we were in at the time just to make sure we didn’t lose our place. Also to give me time to paint it. Which I painted almost the entire condo on my own.

We’ve been here for three years and as much as I love the location, the size of our place, the layout, the ample storage for a 1-bedroom condo, the large pool, the neighborhood — there are a things we miss, and are on the hunt for a new place right now but aren’t in a hurry. We’ll wait to move until we find the absolute perfect next place.
EBDC: What about your home inspires you?
I actually love the size of the space. My husband and I don’t want a large home. We only want the space that we need. We’d like a little more space sometime in the near future but not much. Just a small home. But for what we needed the past few years, this space has been perfect. I also love the layout of the space. The living, dining and kitchen is very open to each other. We are able to have large furniture and it still feels like there is a ton of space. We also have an entire wall of built-in bookshelves which I love to have, not only as storage but to style! We have large windows so we get a lot of light, which is another thing I love about our place.
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