EBDC Comes Full Circle with AM in the City


Ann Marie Boccuzzi’s blog AM in the City, popped up on my radar when she posted about her Dupont studio. As I scrolled through the pictures, I noticed her place looked super familiar. I quickly realized, I had featured her studio on Exposed Brick DC! She listed her apartment on Craigslist after committing to a new job in New York City. It didn’t take long for me to find her dream studio among all the Craigslist junk.

Connecting one of my rental picks with the actual owner was a super cool moment for me. Seeing how EBDC’s reach has grown and the amount of people helped by the site has been truly amazing. I wanted to give Ann Marie an opportunity to talk more about her studio and share more photos. Check out her blog and specific post about EBDC!


EBDC: How did you find your DC apartment?

AM: The search to find quality housing usually comes with lots of anxiety; at least it does for me!  This search is even harder when living in large cities because there is almost always something you have to scratch off your wish list, whether it’s a dishwasher, laundry, or even location.  When I set out to find a studio apartment in DC I started where most people do: the internet. From sites like Exposed Brick to Craigslist I became obsessed with scrolling through the listings hoping to find my new home.
Screen shot 2014-11-08 at 10.02.20 AM

EBDC: What about your apartment inspires you?

AM: When you finally find what appears to be a good apartment you have to jump on it and that is exactly what happened when I found my place. From the hard wood floors and the recently renovated bathroom and kitchen ( hello dishwasher!) to the quaint private courtyard out my window I immediately began to think about how I could turn the studio into a space of my own. When I finally secured the apartment I was a little anxious as I had never lived in such a small space or on my own.  I knew I wanted the apartment to represent my style and to be a welcoming place to come home to while also a comfortable place to host friends. This desire is what inspired me as I decorated the apartment. My love for cities, as well as rustic furniture came to life as I completed the space. The best thing about my apartment is that it still excites me to go home even after months of living there!

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