Dupont Apartments: $1465


I bet you clicked on this post expecting a list of awesome finds in Dupont. Sorry to disappoint but this post is worth your time. Dupont Apartments is a historic apartment building, managed by WC Smith, in the heart of Dupont Circle. Located at the intersection of 20th and R, Dupont is at your doorstep without the street noise of Connecticut Avenue.


I have always been curious about this place because of its name and obvious prime location. Naming an apartment building “Dupont Apartments” today would be considered crazy. Dupont is FULL of apartments. How did this one get away with nominating themselves, the apartments of Dupont? My guess is the building’s history has a lot to do with it.

Dupont Apartments are over 100 years old and overflowing with original detail. The facade is grand and the grounds are well manicured. I was greeted by Carlton. Little did I know, I was meeting a Dupont Apartments legend. Carlton has been at Dupont Apartments for over 20 years and everyone knows his name. I think this is hugely important when choosing a home. Larger, more corporate buildings usually have higher turnover rates and often employ temps. My preference is to build relationships with building staff and I like knowing who I am going to see each day.


I was so excited to see the first unit. It is tough to find interior photos of this place so I had no idea what to expect. The apartments were just as I hoped they would be. They feature original hardwood floors, beautiful molding, and soaring ceilings. I was not expecting some of the updates. Many of the units have tasteful venetian blinds rather than the junky mini-blinds. I also noticed ceiling fans. Some don’t like the look but trust me, after living in an older building without central air, you will appreciate the extra air flow. One unit even has track lighting installed. All utilities are included in rent with the exception of electric.


Dupont Apartments are priced competitively for the area. On top of that, vacancies do not occur often. Right now there are three units available:

  • Studio, about 400 square feet for $1465 (3rd floor)
  • One bedroom, about 600 square feet for $1795 (2nd floor)
  • One bedroom, about 600 square feet for $1865 (3rd floor)

Email me and I will connect you directly with the famous Carlton or another leasing agent. 




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