The Frontenac: $1425


A little snow never stopped me from an apartment tour. The Frontenac is another WC Smith gem located just north of the Van Ness metro. You may be thinking Van Ness is way too north for someone who is set on city living. However leave it to Claire, a 10 year veteran at The Fronentac, to put it in perspective. “Think of it this way,” she began. “Van Ness is really the first neighborhood where you start to see prices drop, and your commute will only increase by three minutes.” Touche Claire. With The Frontenac you will get a spacious apartment, with great vintage detail, and maintain easy access to downtown DC.

Right on Connecticut Avenue, The Frontenac has a cant miss exterior. I also went a little crazy in the lobby. I couldn’t get over the detail in the ceiling and the beautiful robin’s egg blue walls.

IMG_1442 IMG_1443 IMG_1439

During my visit, there was a studio and a one bedroom available. The thing that stood out to me most about these units was the amount of space and the layout. I know open concept is all the rage with modern construction but when you have a studio, a little separation goes a long way. For example, the 530 square foot studio has 6 rooms: living/sleeping area, sunroom, dressing room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. On top of all of these spaces, there is also a small foyer. I know this is hard to conceptualize but these sectioned spaces are bigger than you think. Also, these spaces can guide many of your decorating decisions. With this layout there is a clear space to eat, sleep, study, dress, etc.

IMG_1469 IMG_1445 IMG_1449 IMG_1466

Older buildings are full of beauty but also have some quirks. The Frontenac’s quirks are in your advantage. Some of the outlets in each apartment are connected to the master grid. This means that when you plug in, all the energy you use goes on The Frontenac’s bill, not yours. You are only responsible for paying for the additional electric you use and cooking gas. Pretty good deal if you can track down that magic outlet. Just kidding. They will show you where your magic outlet is. Other perks include a rooftop deck with views of the National Cathedral and Washington Monument, and insanely cheap parking options beginning at $110 a month for a reserved spot. However, street parking is ample in this area.

The Frontenac celebrated its 84th anniversary on Valentine’s Day. If you want to join the tradition, studios start at $1425 (530 square feet) and one bedrooms start at $1775 (780 square feet).

Email me and I will connect you with Claire to schedule a viewing. 



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