Making an english basement into a livable space can be tough. English basements are available at much lower price points and sometimes it shows. However, this tenant transformed the space into an apartment that is both desirable and functional.



There are two things that caught my eye from this picture. The first being the makeshift island in the kitchen. As you can see, the kitchen is all crammed onto one wall. This is very prevalent in english basements. The challenge is to create a kitchen space rather than just a walk-thorugh. This tenant defined the space by adding an island with barstools. This creates counter space and a dining space, all in one. The second feature I like is the mounted shelf. Mounting shelving is a great way to create space without encroaching on precious square footage. The greenery, candle, magazines, and playful art give the small wall big personality.



Here is the same space from a different angle. The tenant does a good job of using a rug to create a separate living space. This creates immediate division between the kitchen and living room. Another trick for utilizing space is to play with height. As you can see, the tenant has opted for a desk that is tall and thin rather than long and wide. Living in a small space doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up on the things you need. This apartment is a great example of stylishly creating the space you need in the square footage you have.

Love this apartment? It’s available for $1550 a month (unfurnished).

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Recently renovated and now has hardwood floors! 



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