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When you are a pet parent, the apartment search becomes more complex and often more difficult. It can be hard to find a building that meets the needs of both you and your pet. I have found that catering to pets has become a bit of a trend in DC. Places like 2M and Louis at 14th are up and coming buildings who have built apartments with pets as the priority. The question becomes, where is a place that is both historic and pet friendly? WC Smith’s The Shawmut is the answer to the those prayers.

When I walked up to the The Shawmut, the property manager, Sharon was siting causally on the front steps with a tenant. I previously lived in a bigger building, managed by an even bigger company. I am used to concierges in suits behind a desk. Needless to say, Sharon was a breath of fresh air. In my short time with her, I saw her dedication to the building, its tenants, and their pets. She knew dogs and tenants by name and how long they had been in the building. She gushed about the tenants and the feeling of family within the building. She told me that earlier this year, one of the more skittish dogs, Bailey bolted for the front door. She shared the entire story saying, “When Bailey first ran out the door, those few people around dropped everything to chase after him. For the next few weeks, there were about 30 tenants scouring Rock Creek Park. It took weeks but eventually, we found him. It was pretty amazing.” 

I was floored by Sharon’s dedication to her tenants and equally amazed when that dedication extended to the apartments. Sharon has a keen eye for design. She is the first property manager that I have worked with who pays attention to paint colors, will opt for shutters over mini-blinds, and will meticulously stage an apartment. She showed me a two bedroom on the first floor with over 1000 square feet of living space. Built in the 1920’s the space is grand and has a few surprises. The entry way is huge and can be used for a small dining space or study space. The kitchen had nice upgrades but my favorite feature was the walk through pantry. One thing to note is that the second bedroom has glass french doors. It would be very easy to put curtains up if you were in a roommate situation. One of the most interesting features about this unit, and most other units in the The Shawmut, are the sleeping porches. Back in the 1920’s, people would sleep on an open air porch. Without air conditioning, it was the best way to stay cool at night. Today, these spaces are enclosed and function as a bonus space, great for a sunroom, home office, or small den. Features like this are tough to come by in modern buildings.

The last surprise at The Shawmut is so secret that I can’t advertise it. Let’s just say, it is the perfect little hideaway. You will have to go visit to see it for yourself. Walking home, I cut through the park right in front of The Shawmut, perfect for all the building’s pets. The Shawmut made me realize that having a pet in the city is not only doable, but a pleasure.

To see the two bedroom available for $2600, email me and I will connect you with Sharon. 

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