The Baystate: $1450


The snow has cleared and The Baystate is back with more awesome deals. They have several studios available, starting at $1450- all utilities included. Read more about The Baystate below and then contact me to take a tour. 

The Baystate is located on Massachusetts Avenue, just south of Dupont Circle. Seeing that The Baystate’s studios start at $1450, makes this an attractive deal to anyone wanting to live close to Dupont and downtown. This location usually comes with a premium but The Baystate happens to be one of the few affordable buildings.

The Baystate has many of the vintage features that I love. One of my favorite features is the double doors. Each apartment has two front doors. The first one has slats and a knocker. Most have very cute nautical knockers. The second door is solid with a knob. Before central air, tenants would close the slatted door for privacy while still letting air circulate. I love when old details like this are kept intact.

photo 2_1

I have an ongoing debate with myself about parquet floors. Sometime I love them, sometimes I hate them. In this case, I love them. I think that embracing parquet has a lot to do with the style of wood used. In this case, the flooring is multi-dimensional and feels authentic.

photo 1

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The Baystate isn’t modern but what it lacks in updates, it makes up for in amenities and location. The building has a gym, massive bike room, and awesome rooftop. The roof also has a great glassed in sunroom- now open for spring! Best off all, all utilities are included.

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To take a tour of The Baystate, email me. 



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