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I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for sending our new home our way! We’ve been here for about 2 full weeks now and are so so so happy. When I mentioned to my mom-in-law how we found the place and told her about you she was sure that we had paid a handsome fee. When I told her that, no! we didn’t have to pay you at all she told me that I had better write you a thank you note and I felt silly for not having done that already. SO THANK YOU x 1million. We are all unpacked and decorated and super happy. Take care and thank you again. You are a gift to everyone in DC who needs a place to live. 


I’ve been following your blog, as advised by my real estate agent housemate, for the past month or so and it’s been really helpful (so props to word-of-mouth resources :). You’ve helped me get a sense of what to look for in online apartment postings, and then additionally what to look for once I go in person to view/tour the spaces. My approach has been to compare your blog with postings on apartments.com, Hotpads, Zillow and Craigslist and I’ve been able to compare and contrast. I have to say, seeing a post on your blog is like the stamp of approval so I appreciate what you are doing. Anyways, again, wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks for your work, I really appreciate it.


Tomorrow it will be exactly one year since I read your email below listing a studio in Kalorama, and August will be my 1 year anniversary in that apartment. I really got the jump on everyone thanks to your newsletter, and the layout and light in the unit are incredible for a great price. So I just wanted to say thanks; I probably would not have found such an ideal space suited to my needs on my own so quickly. I really appreciate it.


Jamie, thanks for the referrals! It was a pleasure to meet you. You’ve learned an astounding amount about the rental market in this town over such a short period of time. I admire your enthusiasm and your writing. Thanks for saying such nice things about the Frontenac. Great blog!
-The Frontenac
Just looked further into the intro of your website about the origin of it. I really enjoyed looking at your website alongside craigslist during my search. I ended up choosing an apartment that you had shown on your site. I was the first to contact the landlord, and got in. I searched on and off for the right thing for about 6 months, and really enjoyed checking out your website. I’d go on there about once a day. Thanks again!
I want to personally thank you for establishing such a wonderful resource for apartment searching in DC. Stumbling on your website when I was making the move to DC last August was a blessing and it proved to be the avenue in which I got into my current apartment. So, thank you.

At least two new residents credit your article with encouraging them to rent at The Fleetwood. We also made color copies of your mock-up and have used it as a hand out. It’s great. We certainly are grateful. Yours is by far the best marketing investment I made in The Fleetwood.

Landmark Realty
I’ve been checking out your site for a little while now and its great. I really appreciate the hard work you put in.
Just wanted to say thanks…so Thanks!
I have been subscribing to your website for almost a year now and actually found my current apartment off of it. I always suggest your website to friends and clients looking to rent. You always find the best deals. 
I just wanted to write you to tell you that you are 100% responsible for my boyfriend and I finding our apartment! We took the english basement on Park and 14th in Columbia Heights and are moving in the middle of this month (Aug 15th). Thank you so much for the time and effort you put towards this website. I think, between the two of us, my boyfriend and I have told upwards of 15 people about your website and how amazing it is to use. Anyway, again, I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts . You made our apartment search a breeze!
“Love your site! You’ve changed the way I look for apartments. I’m moving into an awesome and affordable one bedroom in the best area of dc this june using your tips…”
“My wife and I saw your site, ExposedBrickDC.com and fell in love with it. What an amazing way to curate real estate content and infuse an artistic flair to an arduous task and dry industry. Kudos to you for all you have done, do, and will do with your site and brand.”
Remember this guy? Turns out that it’s not too good to be true — just signed a lease for it last night! Just wanted to send a heartfelt thanks for helping me find my next place to call home. So, thanks and best of luck!”
“Just wanted to say that I’ve been subscribed to your blog for the last month or so and you by far have some of the best insight and info out of everyone. I am month-to-month so no pressure but I love seeing the options available and the various price ranges. Keep it up!!”


“You have such a great blog!  I am so happy I happen to stumble upon it.  I am in the midst of searching for a place in DC.  Finding your blog has restored a lot of the excitement I had started to lose while searching endlessly on Craigslist.  Not to mention, your insight on the various neighborhoods is super helpful.”


“I had been searching for an apartment for several weeks when I was introduced to Exposed Brick DC. Like all my past apartment hunts, I spent countless hours combing through Craigslist and wasted a lot of afternoons checking out one space after another. So Exposed Brick DC came as a serious relief. It was really helpful having a local, knowledgeable resource where the apartments were carefully picked and clearly presented. Eventually, with the help of this site, I found a perfect apartment that I’m still thrilled with. Thanks very much and keep up the good work!”


“Hello! I love your site (and your polished taste)- it’s so unique compared to anything else young professionals in DC have to reference. Thank you for your frequent updates and commentary. I am in the market for a new 2 bedroom and check your site frequently.”
“Just wanted to say thanks again, ended up renting the apartment after viewing it last night. As a transplant from NYC your site was such a find.”
“Just wanted to say your site is brilliant!  Thanks so much for providing this resource.  It lists all they types of rentals I’m interested in.  We won’t be moving for another year and a half, but this will be my first stop when we are ready!”
“I have been living and working in the DC area since I started my undergrad in 2006 – and have lived in a different place in this area every year since. I absolutely hate moving and dread looking for the next place. But, I just found your site via this urbanturf.com article….THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I love your site and your listings….incredibly better then every other rental/classifieds website out there that have been nothing but headaches (literally). You’re awesome.”
“I came across your site just browsing Craigslist. Even with daily stalking of housing postings, there were ones on your site that I didn’t even find. Thanks to you, I was able to find and lease my new apartment and seriously couldn’t have done it without your site. When my friends asked me how managed to scores place, exposed brick DC is the first thing I mention. So a HUGE thank you for this site and for giving me the chance to find my perfect big girl apartment that I can’t wait to start living in next week!”



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