Dupont Design Project


Recently I have expanded Exposed Brick DC to include design services. Between working with clients one-on-one, scouting open houses, and rummaging through flea markets, I have developed a real knack for putting together comfortable and cohesive spaces. Working with design clients has been a blast because every project is different. From space planning to small touches, I have seen it all.

I recently visited Melissa at her gorgeous new apartment in Dupont. She lives in a fabulous older building with high ceiling and large living spaces. Upon walking in, my first questions was, “Why am I hear?” Melissa already has great personal style and a few amazing pieces. She really only needed a few cool pieces to bring the space together. The previous tenant left some of his things and luckily, he had good taste. He left some very cool nude prints, a vintage typewriter, and awesome bedroom furniture. Unfortunately, he also left a huge brown sectional. Melissa and I agreed that it would be tough to work around such a large piece but I was up for the challenge. There a few shots of her place below. Stay tuned to see my first stab at some design concepts.


How dreamy is her bedroom?!


So jealous of this large foyer turned seating area. 


Shelf full of awesome vintage finds. 


The infamous brown couch. 



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