The Mortgage Minute


When I got into real estate, the financial side of it really intimidated me. I could spot original hardwood floors a mile away but the basics of a mortgage sounded like a foreign language. I am lucky that I met Jake Ryon early in my career. He has been my go-to-guy for home loan questions ever sense. In addition to being super knowledgable, he is relatable. I like to think that Jake and I break a lot of the real estate stereotypes out there. Not all agents are old ladies with oversized broaches, swimming in perfume and not all loan officers are uptight suits. He is someone I trust professionally and personally love to spend time with.

When Jake shared with me his most recent project, The Mortgage Minute, I knew I wanted to get involved. I have found that the best way to learn most things is to break the concept down into small, manageable pieces. Jake has done this with awesome one minute videos that are informative and fun– well as fun as this stuff gets.

Anyway, I am excited to share these and I hope that watching it will spark some interest in the whole home buying saga in DC. Remember, I am your girl for hardwood floors. Jake is your guy for money. Today’s topic is Conventional Loans. Hope you enjoy the first Mortgage Minute!





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