Ball Out on U Street: $2000




0 BD/1 BA: 496 sq ft

U Street

No utilities mentioned

What makes it great: Before you jump all over me for posting about a $2000 a month studio, hear me out. I know this is expensive AF but let me introduce you to the wonderful world of specials. If you can get into one of these fancy buildings when it first opens, you are likely to get showered with incentives. Right now, this building is offering two months free. That means you can obviously live there two months free OR the better option, in my opinion, is to prorate deduction over the full lease term. That will knock your rent down to a mere $1667 for a twelve month lease. Now that is doable.

Why you should think twice: After your lease is up, I can almost guarantee your rent will get jacked WAY up, maybe even beyond $2000, so enjoy the year in this place because it could be the last.

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