Pinning in Real Life


For the last month I have been helping the sweetest couple with their awesome new condo in Dupont. They have seriously upgraded from their one bedroom rental to a huge two bedroom, two bath, two level condo with over 1000 square feet of living space. In most of the rooms, we have started from scratch. The biggest challenge? This couple loves color! If you could see my Pinterest board you would know that color really intimidates me. This has been a great project because it has forced me out of my comfort zone and made me realize that color can actually be fun.

The one room where I kept it neutral was the bedroom. I shared a pin with Katie thinking that it wasn’t going to be enough color for her but she ended up loving the idea. My job was to recreate this bedroom concept using pieces you can actually purchase. That is the biggest hurdle for my busy clients, they see things they love but don’t have the time to search for the pieces and bring the room to life. That is where I step in. See the Pinterest inspo vs. the real life concept below. Pretty fun huh?


1727 R Street-Bedroom––




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