The Other 14th Street: $2550




2 BD/2 BA: 1100 sq ft

Columbia Heights

No utilities mentioned

What makes it great: When you hear 14th Street you probably think  of the strip between U Street and Logan Circle. Guess what? There are other cool parts of 14th Street. In upper Columbia Heights/Petworth, you will find this gem. Two levels and over 1000 square feet of living space. It might not be the trendiest part of town but there are some excellent neighborhood bars and restaurants without all the congestion of Logan/U Street. I am surprised this place is prices so low but there are a couple of clues that reveal why.

Why you should think twice: Based on the pictures, I think this unit is on the first floor and second floor is below grade. It is hard to tell with the blinds but I think I see bars on the downstairs windows.

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