Open House Roundup


If there are good rentals during the week, that is usually a sign that I am going to hate everything for sale. This weekends opens aren’t all that great. Maybe everyone has extended their vacation this week? With Congress out of session, the city does feel a little dead. Anyway, this will make your life easier because there are only a few open houses you need to see this weekend. But before I share the opens, I had to share something funny. Check out this photo of a one bedroom in Dupont for sale for around $299k. It’s a tempting price but omg, when floor to ceiling window go wrong. First of all, floor to ceiling windows on a first floor unit is aggressive. Prepare to always have your blinds closed. Second of all, why would you want floor to ceiling windows looking out into a parking lot? It looks like cars are parked in your living room. Bless that buyer.


Anyway, back to business. See below and email me for additional info.

Terrace Level Studio in Dupont That’s Actually Livable: $249,000


One Bedroom with Custom Kitchen in Petworth: $369,900


Hidden Gem Two Bedroom in Mt Pleasant: $524,555


Fancy Duplex Two Bedroom by Stadium Armory: $574,900


Brookland, Where House Dreams Come True: $599,000




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