Open House Roundup


I was chatting with a friend about DC real estate this week and he said, “I feel like the last crack house in Trinidad will cost you upwards of $500k.” Sad but true. There has also been a lot of press about how buyers are up against a very tough market. See here and here. That is why I am being as choosey as ever. If you want to play in this uber competitive market, I recommend buying something unique– like charming details or exposed brick. If you are more practical minded, a designated parking spot will really set your property apart when you go to resell down the road. It seems as thought more people just keep coming and coming to this city. For more info on this week’s opens, email me.

Charming but Tiny One Bedroom in Cleveland Park: $239,900


Uber Stylish One Bedroom in Eckington: $285,000


Modern Duplex in Brookland with Parking: $589,000


Best House Option in Col Heights Right Now: $599,000





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