Pop of Color in the Golden Triangle: $3195




2 BD/1 BA: 880 sq ft

Dupont/AdMo/U Street

No utilities mentioned

What makes it great: You may be familiar with the “Golden Triangle.” It’s a random part of DC’s business district that few people even pay attention to. Let me introduce you to my version of the Golden Triangle. This apartment is located in the sweet spot of DC where you can easily get to three awesome neighborhoods in just a few blocks: Dupont, Adams Morgan, and U Street. See the triangle? Maybe it’s a stretch but my point is that this unit is worth the location alone. Throw in the big windows, fireplace, and snazzy kitchen and you should be sold. Lastly props to the current tenants for bringing this space to life. Gimme those topiary prints.

Why you should think twice: Only one bathroom.

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