Today I want to focus on 2 bedrooms that have 1.5-2 baths. I’ve spent the past week traveling, having stayed at friend’s apartments and various rentals and, now that I’m home, realize how having your own bathroom can truly be a great thing. They’re all at around 1000 square feet but really show the differences in what’s out there.

$2999 / 2br – 1000ft2 – Historic Mt Pleasant Beautiful renovated 2-bed apt. in Victorian House (1833 Lamont Street)
What’s great: I love this house almost as much as I love that the owner has taken the time to make some updates — especially floors, windows, and appliances. It has great character, is on the top floor (a huge perk when you’re in a house), and has a lot of windows.
Why you should think twice: The bedrooms look a little small and the kitchen seems like it has the potential to get cramped with two people. The pictures don’t provide much detail on the second bath and the layout. Still, definitely worth checking out.

$2975 / 2br – 1024ft2 – $2975 – 2-Bedroom/1.5-Bath House in Capitol Hill/H Street (Capitol Hill / H Street)
What’s great: This house looks great from the outside, has a closed in backyard, has a pretty open kitchen, and looks fairly updated. The list goes on, and the owner touches on a lot in their posting. This is a fantastic location in that area. I love that it’s a well-kept house. This is a great option (w/ security) if you’re looking to head east but don’t want to end up in, or pay for, a huge new apartment complex.
Why you should think twice: A floorplan would be helpful here. And pictures of the bedrooms. Also, you may want to get an idea of what utilities are going to run.

$3000 / 2br – 900ft2 – Dupoont north 2br 2 full baths – August 1 (18 th and Swann)
What’s great: Not an exact address, but I love this location. I can’t say that enough. I like the common space areas, the kitchen and living work together, which is not necessarily common in an old house. The post looks pretty pro-dog even though it doesn’t specify that you’re allowed to have one. High ceilings are a huge plus.
Why you should think twice: The layout could be a little wonky. The post needs pictures of bedrooms. It’s partially updated, has great floors – but where is this tile and carpet fitting in?

$2800 / 2br – 1075ft2 – Great Apartment For Rent (15th block of T Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.)
What’s great: For this location, this English basement is a great move for two people. The living space looks pretty big with those couches and there’s definitely room for you and your roommate to be crafty about storage. The flooring and kitchen are in great shape and are likely fairly new. Also — there’s a washer and dryer!
Why you should think twice: I don’t really know what’s going on with the bathroom. Again, I really feel like no one is posting any pictures of bedrooms. I’d rather see a messy bedroom than none at all. Who lives upstairs is a big concern when you’re in an English Basement. Also be sure to figure out how those utilities are split!

$2950 / 2br – 1300ft2 – GORGEOUS 1,300 SQ FT 2B + DEN VICTORIAN IN NOMA (NoMa)
What’s great: This place looks huge to me. It seems very entertainment friendly aand is extremely pet friendly! It is a house in great shape, has storage, and a backyard. Four blocks to NoMa metro, four blocks to H street, and four blocks to Union Market. No worrying about yard maintenance either.
Why I would think twice: There’s a picture of the den but I don’t see the second bedroom. The kitchen could be a little cramped with two people, but maybe that’s just because the rest of this place seems extremely spacious.



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