Congratulations on making it halfway through the workweek! Tabs on tabs on tabs later, I am not in love with what’s going on out there and am hoping that summer coming to a close will give better options. Here are a select few that you should consider!

$1425 / 1br – 640ft2 – H Street English Basement Apartment (H Street/ Capital Hill)
What’s great: 640 square feet for $1425 drew me in immediately. I love the floors, the fireplace, and that the walls aren’t white. New(ish) kitchen and appliances aka not ancient. Lots of light for an English Basement. Great location.
Why you should think twice: English Basements in general, that kitchen looks tiny, and you probably have to get inventive with your closet/storage space. No metro.

$1680 / 1br – 834ft2 – Studio on Embassy Row (Glover Park / Cathedral Heights)
What’s great: I am so intrigued by this place. This studio is HUGE and it seems like a pretty great/neighbor friendly place. There’s ample living area, closet space, and available parking.
Why you should think twice: What exactly is going on here? Is that someone’s home? What does “the property” entail and why are there nine parking spaces? Where’s your entrance? Also, that kitchen is dismal. No metro.

http://$1795 / 1br – 577ft2 – Kalorama Corner One Bedroom with Hard Wood Floors (Washington)
What’s great: I’ve seen a few units in this building that have been up for sale and it’s seems to always be on my radar. This corner unit is a great size, has beautiful hardwood floors, and is in a fantastic location.
Why you should think twice: The kitchen and bathroom both need to be updated. Having seen other units in the building I know that the kitchen is difficult to renovate… one of the apartments I saw had Viking appliances to include a fridge in the hall closet.

$1800 / 1br – 600ft2 – Large 1 bedroom 7min walk Columbia Heights Metro, washer/dryer (Mt Pleasant)
What’s great: It makes me so unbelievably happy when people update their rental units. I love the floors, kitchen (on the smaller side), it has a washer and dryer, closets, storage/bookshelves, and a little dining nook.
Why you should think twice: I always think that you have to already love this area to move there. Spend time walking around the neighborhood before going to one of their open houses to make sure it’s for you. A year can feel like eternity if you don’t love your surroundings.



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