Happy Tuesday! Its all sunshine and natural light in this post-eclipse entry! I’m not usually one to be drawn to “modern amenities” (i.e. I like creaky hardwood floors and old brick) but there are quite a few new or renovated listings today that make me stop caring about finding only charm! Enjoy!
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What makes it great: This is a perfect home if you’re looking around for a space to share with friends. From the cheery, open front room to the renovated kitchen, this will feel like home before you even move your own items in. It has all the character of an old home, with the modern touches you’ll need to comfortably live there. The brick backyard patio makes me swoon (let me know when your first BBQ is) and ideal for hosting BBQs!
Why you should think twice: It could be tough getting people to come over for those BBQs. Burleith isn’t the most happening spot in DC and with no Metro access, you may feel like its a trek to leave home. The third bedroom looks relatively small so one of your roommates may not love this option as much.
What makes it great: This small space has large potential. While it is a studio with no dedicated bedroom, there is an alcove that can give you some division – which is often necessary in a one-room unit. It looks like the perfect size for a small table or desk if you need a separate studying spot. It also appears to have a large closet (is it just me or is it half of the apartment?) so precious living space doesn’t have to be taken up by dressers. This is a nice location with a lot within walking distance and the building includes both laundry and exercise rooms.
Why you should think twice: I’m skeptical of anyone who posts 382 square feet and “large” in the same listing. It may not be the smallest apartment I’ve ever seen – but it is certainly not large. While I’m a fan of the doorway/layout of this place, it may be wasted space that could be used more efficiently to increase your living ability.
What makes it great: I actually lived in this building when I first moved to DC and can vouch that this is a great area, and specifically building, to live in. It is an easy walk to two Metro stations (Woodley/Columbia Heights) and just far enough from the fun of 18th Street that the music doesn’t wake you up every night. The building is well-maintained and has large apartments (I was in a one bedroom, but I believe the studios are the same). There is always someone at the front desk for security and/or to accept packages. The management company that runs it is also easy to work with.
Why you may think twice: It is an older building with window AC units. While that is a lot of places you’ll find in DC, I have never been hotter in my entire life than the summer months I spent in this building (and I lived in Florida for 9 years!!). Not available immediately.


$1990- 1 BD/1BA – 700 sq ft- Spiral staircase brings character to loft space (Petworth)

What makes it great: I’m all about charm and all of “old DC’s” beautiful buildings, but there’s some character is this beautiful new building too. A spiral staircase makes this unit stand out from the other cookie-cutter apartments you’ll find in most new buildings. It’s also very close to the Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro (Green/Yellow) and appears to have its own balcony space. Unlike other lofts, this one seems to have a closed off bedroom in addition to upstairs space.

Why you may think twice: While it may not have your cookie-cutter style, this is a cookie-cutter listing. You’ll have to check it out in person to make sure this is the real deal.

A few other finds:

$3000- 2BD/2 BA – 950 sq ft – All the amenities you could want and a location to envy (U Street)

This place is a dream for two roommates who can each afford to spend $1500/month. Not only is this a prime location, but you barely need to leave the building to enjoy life!

$4000- 2 BD/2.5 BA – 1900 sq ft- Charm, modern comforts and closets in spacious Kalorama paradise (Kalorama) 

I know, the price tag is high. I just had to share this beautiful unit – we can all dream right?



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