Happy Labor Day, readers! Today’s post is a selection of properties all from the Capitol Hill area – one of my favorite areas (and one of the more affordable neighborhoods!) in the District.

Quick stats: $2575 / 980 square feet = $2.62 per square foot.
0.7 miles / 14 minutes walk to nearest metro (Eastern Market)
The drill: I absolutely love the interiors here – check out that kitchen! With great colors, and an exposed brick wall – and an abundance of space – you won’t want to miss out on this one. Really great deal for what you are getting – one would pay just this much for a 1 BR in other areas in the District.
Why you might think twice: Doesn’t look like a ton of natural light, and if you aren’t in the market for a 2 BR you can find some apartments for even cheaper in this area.
Quick stats: [square footage not listed]
0.4 miles / 8 minutes walk to nearest metro (Eastern Market)
The drill: Lots to love in this charming English basement apartment. I especially appreciate the abundance of natural light – you don’t always get that in basement apartments. Cute exposed brick walls a nice built in storage system. Check out that fireplace!
Why you might think twice: Square footage isn’t listed, so it is hard to gauge how much space you are actually getting. Not a huge fan of the floor/tiling, but you can always put some nice rugs down.
Quick stats: $2400 / 750 square feet = $3.20 per square foot.
0.4 miles / 8 minutes walk to nearest metro (Eastern Market)
The drill: Really cozy apartment here. Everything you could possibly need in an apartment – and all utilities are included in that figure. There is also a note that the landlord won’t be raising the rent each year – wow! I especially like the kitchen (on the smaller side, though) and the fact that you get a back patio is a nice bonus. Neat painted brick walls in the living room, as well!
Why you might think twice: Kitchen is certainly on the smaller side, but I like what the current tenants have done to maximize their space – it’s really cute!
Quick stats: $2600 / 1200 square feet = $2.17 per square foot.
0.8 miles / 15 minutes walk to nearest metro (Union Station)
The drill: Really interesting property here at a really great price point – check out that cost per square foot! There is a note that the second bedroom is technically a den. I particularly like the appliances in the kitchen and bathroom and MASSIVE backyard. This “carriage house” is definitely worth checking out in person.
Why you might think twice: Really having a hard time thinking of some – not a HUGE fan of some of the flooring, but there is a lot to like with this unique apartment.
Quick stats: [square footage not listed]
0.5 miles / 10 minutes walk to nearest metro (Union Station)
The drill: Square footage is not listed, but for $1700 a month, even if this apartment was at least 600 square feet, it would be considered a good deal in my book. I am particularly drawn to the large kitchen, which comes equipped with large granite counter tops. You also get access to the back patio – which unfortunately is not photographed.
Why you might think twice: The property is listed as a ‘sun-lit’ apartment, but it doesn’t really LOOK sun-lit at all. Square footage is also not listed.



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