Studios, efficiencies, junior one bedrooms: they’re all over Craigslist and may sound scary (and tiny!) to people looking for that first home on their own. But they’re a great option- as long as you find the right one! I found a few that will make living in a small space feel more like a cozy getaway than a cramped mistake! (And remember when furnishing: less is more!)

$1450 – 400 sq feet: Recently renovated with separate kitchen and walk-in closet   (Columbia Heights)


Even when they’re aren’t doors, if you have a separate space for cooking/eating than your living/sleeping space, studios can feel a bit more spacious.

What makes it great: This appears to be a well-laid out studio (and bonus: it was renovated within the last two years). The appliances (including a dishwasher are new) and there’s enough room in the kitchen for a small table. The walk-in closet is big enough to fit a dresser for the clothes you can’t hang up. Laundry facility in building.

Why you may think twice: There may be one over the bed that we can’t see, but there may not be a great spot for fitting a TV. Not the end of the world for everyone, but if it’s a deal breaker for you, keep reading!


$1000 – 400 sq feet: Living small in DC’s tallest building (Dupont Circle)


The Cairo is a pretty cool building (the tallest residential one in the District). While there aren’t many photos of the unit, it seems worth it to check out!

What makes it great: Since its fully furnished, you don’t have to worry about finding furniture that fits. It also looks like you won’t have to sacrifice cooking in order to live in this historic building! The kitchen appears to take up the majority of space – thanks to a lot of counter space – and all the cooking tools you need are included. The building includes a 24 hour front desk, roof desk, and laundry room.

Why you may think twice: I think you need to check it out for yourself to really see if its great – with only two photos, it’s hard to imagine what the rest includes. Furnished apartments can be a blessing or a curse if you already own furniture you love.

$1550- 292 sq feet: Call it cozy: small space feels larger thanks to natural light (Dupont/U Street area) 


Ok, 292 square feet is REALLY small- but the photos make this space look livable – without having to sacrifice a decent size bed and sofa. The key word to use when you tell people about it is ‘cozy.’

What makes it great: This is a great price if you want to live in this area, but don’t want the hassles of a sharing an apartment. All utilities (including cable/internet) are included in the price. You’ll also have access to fitness and laundry rooms.

Why you make think twice: 292 square feet is TINY. A bed and sofa appear to fit in the photos, but there’s no room for anything else. The kitchenette has no counterspace so cooking will be a pain.


$1905 – 490 sq feet -Don’t sacrifice storage to live in this studio (Dupont Circle)


This studio proves you don’t have to sacrifice storage in order to live in a small space. With two closets AND a linen closet, you can ditch dressers to make room for more important furniture.

What makes it great: This is a corner unit so it is likely a bit larger than most in the building – and has more windows. The floorplan leaves a lot up to you since its wide open. This studio wouldn’t be awful for sharing with a significant other – you could each have a closet and access to the sink, even if someone is using the bathroom.

Why you may think twice: Its the largest on the list today, but also the most expensive. If you’re not obsessed with the location, you can probably find a larger, one-bedroom for the same price not too far away. This is also a rental company that warns its prices may change.


A few more:

$1485 – 425 sq feet – Open floor plan with space to make your own (Chevy Chase) 

$1650- 350 square feet- Beautiful hardwood floors in sunny efficiency  (Dupont Circle)

$1880 – no sq footage listed – Fully furnished modern studio with patio (Logan Circle)




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