Every Tuesday, I challenge myself to find the best deals of the day across the District. I usually find myself raising my price range bit by bit in order to bring you a few listings that I’d genuinely consider myself. Today I was shocked to find a few under $1500 – in neighborhoods where most rents are closer to $2100! Most are pretty small, but if you’re looking to save some money and live alone – they could be the perfect fit! (Even more amazing: each of these listings has laundry in the building – which can save you the time and money of the laundromat!)

$1375 – 0 bd/1 ba – Well-lit studio with renovated kitchen, access to rooftop deck (Glover Park)


This well-lit and brightly colored apartment immediately caught my eye. It isn’t too far from my second apartment in DC – nestled in a quiet neighborhood with relatively easy access to other parts of town. No square footage is listed, but it can’t be too small if the current resident managed to get a bed and two sofas in the living space!


What makes it great: It is hard to find a private home for this price, but this location and the setup make it ideal. Most homes in this price range in the area are English Basements, but this apartment is a well-lit second floor unit. If you still need more natural light, there’s a great roof deck to enjoy.  Water and electricity are included – even paying for gas and cable, you can come out under $1500. This is in a safe neighborhood – a great start for someone living alone for the first time.

Why you may think twice: The blessing/curse of living in Glover Park. To get that suburban feel, you sacrifice some transportation options. While there are buses nearby, no Metro station is walking distance.

$1399 – 0 bd/1 ba – 540 sq feet- Large studio with open floor plan, walk-in closet (Mount Pleasant/ Columbia Heights) 


As much as I love seeing how other people make small spaces work, I loved coming across this listing. The openness of this space makes me see so much potential for the 540 square feet you could call home. According to the listing, there is more than one unit available in the building.


What makes it great: 540 square feet isn’t much for a one bedroom, but when walls aren’t an issue – it’s a decent amount of space to play with. This floor plan allows you to nestle your bed away in the alcove, while still having room to enjoy the rest of your living space. The location is also great (blocks from Columbia Heights Metro, on a main road with plenty of bus lines!). The walk-in closet appears to have offer nice storage options to minimize the amount of storage furniture you’ll need.

Why you may think twice: It appears you have to go through the closet to get to the bathroom, which seems a bit odd. This also may not be the apartment you end up in – since these are the photos used for several available apartments. Nothing is mentioned about utilities – something that could add up quickly, especially if you’re on a budget.

$1500 – 0 bd/ 1 ba – 550 sq feet- Soak up the sun in Dupont Circle studio (Dupont Circle)


I think it says something about how nice an apartment is when you can tell the renter is sad to leave it. This apartment was called “beloved” by the person who has lived in it for 6 years – and with this location/price combo, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next renter hung onto this place for the long haul too!


What makes it great: Location: this part of town often has studios/one bedrooms this size for hundreds more per month. While this isn’t as open as the previous listings, it seems like it is a good use of space- and offers decent storage. Parking is available (for extra) on-site, which is another perk you don’t often see in this area.

Why you may think twice: If $1,500 is your limit, utilities may push you over the edge (no information listed). You may also be taking over this renter’s lease which could be tricky. (My 2 cents: it’s likely worth a little complication to call this your own!)

$1350- 1 bd/1 ba – 550 square feet – Shorties wanted for this renovated one-bedroom (Columbia Heights)


This is more the type of apartment I expected to find in this price range- english basements. But this has a perk the other listings don’t offer: an enclosed bedroom!

What makes it great: Don’t be scared off by the fact that it’s a basement – most of the unit appears pretty well lit. You’ll also be able to stick to that budget – since the only utility that you need to pay for is cable/internet. The location provides easy access to both the Columbia Heights and U Street Metro stations. If you have any issues, your landlord will be living above you – and will likely want to get them fixed fast.

Why you may think twice: I’m 5’0 so I never have any issues when it comes to low ceilings, but this may be a no-go for anyone who isn’t a shorty. The ceilings are just 7’0- so if you’re tall or like a bit more room above you, this won’t be the place for you.


Can you splurge up to $1800? Here are a few listings where a few extra dollars can get you some extra perks:

$1730- 0 bd/ 1 ba – 575 sq feet- Studio with large walk-in closet, balcony (Van Ness/ Forest Hills)

$1750 – 1 bd/ 1 ba – 550 sq feet – Live next to Whole Foods (Foggy Bottom)

$1725 – 0 bd/ 1 ba – 483 sq feet – Walk everywhere, then relax in your studio with sun porch (Dupont Circle)

$1800- 1 bd/ 1 ba – Snuggle up in front of exposed brick fireplace in bright one-bedroom (Capitol Hill)





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