Happy Monday, readers! Hope you are enjoying this day, whether you are working or at home. I focused my search this week on 2 BRs in the area, and am pretty pleased with what I came up with! Enjoy ūüôā

The drill: Really stunning property here! I especially like the exposed brick in the living room. Lots of natural light throughout as well. Spacious! The posting notes that the apartment is 1620 square feet. You also get one parking space included, with no additional fee.
Why you might think twice: I’m not super familiar with this area, and there isn’t an exact address included; however based on street intersections provided it sounds like it is fairly close to NoMa metro station.
The drill: This building used to be a school, then converted in to apartments, and now into a tight-knit condo community. COOL! The posting notes that it is not an English basement, but rather a terrace unit – meaning you have direct access to a nice patio area. The apartment itself is inclusive with beautiful hardwood floors throughout.
Why you might think twice: Sounds like a really neat opportunity – I have a hunch that the application procedure might be pretty intense / involve some interviews.
The drill: Really FUN location here. You are steps away from the Blact Cat, Le Diplomate, etc. Looks pretty bright for a basement. I really love the kitchen here – those cabinets are gorgeous. I think the price point is a really great one given the location! No idea how big the place is though – square footage wasn’t listed, but it looks to be fairly spacious.
Why you might think twice: Not the biggest fan of the floors. Also, does the kitchen sink look abnormally small to you all?
The drill: HUGE fan of this one – how unique! I love the different quirks of this property – especially the ones in the living room and kitchen. This apartment features exposed brick, a raised dining patio, tall windows, and an abundance of storage space. I also really like the hardwood floors. Also, check out that beautiful accent wall! Love the color.
Why you might think twice: The kitchen looks pretty narrow to me. A little bit farther from metro stations than some of the other listings, but not too terrible.
The drill: Above ground basement with private entrance. The second bedroom looks to be REALLY small, and can function better as an office maybe. Regardless, lots to love here – I like the abundance of natural light and exposed brick. The bathroom and kitchen fixtures look to be top notch. Really fair price point for what you are getting – wow!
Why you might think twice: A bit far away from the nearest metro (Petworth) but it’s not a dealbreaker in my book.



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