Glover Goodness for Only $1695


I had a great conversation last night about the potential of Glover Park. As everyone in DC is turning their attention east, one of my favorite little leafy neighborhoods isn’t getting a lot of love. Joke is on you. Glover has so much to offer- bars, restaurants, and one day the Whole Foods will open back up. Glover’s biggest drawback is that it is not metro accessible but luckily, the bus is always an option. Glover’s biggest advantage is the prices. If you are looking for a deal on a one bedroom, look no further than The Fleetwood. A little birdie told me they have a one bedroom right now for only $1695. Bring your pet too! A few of my shots from The Fleetwood are below. Holler if you are interested. 

IMG_1100-768x1024 IMG_1129-768x1024 IMG_1104-768x1024 IMG_1101-768x1024 IMG_1143-768x1024



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