New year, new apartment? The thought of moving may be daunting with these bitter cold temperatures, but imagining snuggling up in a new home to ride at winter can be appealing too! I’m always looking for a deal – so when I put $2000/month in on Craigslist – there wasn’t much out there, except in Adams Morgan – and around the center of town. While prices can be high here, it appears that’s where the deals are this month! Check out a few of the places where you can hibernate until the temps head back above freezing – then you’ll be glad you picked an apartment so close to so much!

$1850 – 1 BD/1 BA – 600 sq ft- Charming apartment with small patio in Adams Morgan/Kalorama


Utilities: Only water included; W/D in building

What makes it great: I KNOW. The thought of even spending 6 seconds on this balcony in this weather is enough to call off the apartment search. But how nice will it be when spring finally arrives? Its definitely my favorite perk of this ground-level apartment. More important to this time of year: heating units are in both the living room and bedroom. The bedroom is large enough to accommodate a king sized bed.

Why you may think twice: Ground floor apartments aren’t for everyone – and the idea of having a patio on a ground floor makes many people nervous. It may just be the way its currently set up, but for as big as the bedroom is, the living room/kitchen appear a bit cramped.


Not loving the idea of life on the ground floor? It looks like a top floor apartment in the same building is available for $100 more/month. Check it out here



$1920 – 0 BD/1 BA – 495 sq feet – Experience a New Wave of Living, Only at the Vintage (Mount Pleasant) 


I’m usually not into renovated, ‘luxury’ apartments when DC has so much charm and character to go around, but I’ve been in this building – and I’m breaking my own rules. This is a renovated building (it was previously a church) so it has much of the charm, with the added benefits of incredible amenities.

Utilities Included: Not mentioned. W/D in unit

What makes it great: The location is ideal (blocks from Metro station, Target, other stores). The building just opened last summer so there’s a good chance you’ll be the first person living in your apartment. I was more blown away by the benefits OUTSIDE of the unit – game room, group working spaces, fitness center, awesome rooftop deck. Some of the amenities even seem new to this millennial – i.e. a dog washing station and an Uber Waiting Room. (?!?!)

Why you may think twice: You’re paying a premium for the amenities. If you prefer to wait outdoors for Ubers or wash your dog in your bathtub, the high price for a studio under 500 sq feet likely isn’t worth it. It’s also unclear if the photos match the size of the studio advertised price-wise (it appears to be a one bedroom).


$2000- 0 BD/ 1 BA – 550 sq feet – Beautiful Furnished Studio in the Heart of Adams Morgan w/ Parking!  00O0O_gbsIrHzvDC9_600x450Utilities: None mentioned, parking spot included

What makes it great: $2000 can be a steep price to pay for a studio, but if you don’t have to purchase furniture or pay for parking, it could save you some cash. This is also a beautiful fully furnished situation – not someone’s extra furniture you end up stuck with. This is a decent size for a studio (not much smaller than many one bedrooms) – it looks like a fresh, clean way to start a new year!

Why you may think twice: The listing doesn’t have any details about where this building is – which always makes me take a second look. I’d also be wary of the fact it offers monthly rentals – its owners may be looking more to making money every few weeks than finding a longterm resident.




$2400- 2 BD/ 2 BA – 900 square feet – New English Basement (Columbia Heights)


Utilities: None mentioned. W/D in unit, parking spot included

What makes it great: There are usually great deals in Columbia Heights, but I don’t come across two bedrooms like this as often as I’d like to. This could be a nice upgrade to moving from a group situation to finding just one roommate, without breaking the bank. It appears to have a nice sized living room – and recently renovated bathrooms and kitchen. Nice, walkable area.

Why you may think twice: English basements can be tough and dark for people who thrive on natural light (me!!). This apartment appears to have great other sources of light – but it’s the basement warning is one I always like to throw out there. There aren’t enough photos of the bedrooms/bathrooms to determine if they are evenly sized – or if one would be considered a master (and throw off an even roommate split).





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