Focusing today’s post on options offering clean, modern finishes for those looking for a fresh start this year. In the workplace you often hear “with change comes opportunity.” I’d argue the same can be said about housing!


$2375 / 2br – 786ft2 – New High End 2br/1ba Apartment 1 block from H St NE (11th and I St NE)
Hello Subway Tile: There’s a lot to love about this H Street-ish English Basement: subway tile (everywhere), high ceilings and a lot of space. What really stands out to me are the closets. Should getting organized be your goal this year, these closests will certainly help you achieve it.

Why you should keep looking: The lease seems to be temporary for now, with the option to renegotiate in Summer 2018 (only five months away really). I fear the price could dramatically increase by then, but there’s no detail of that.

$2009 / 1br – 1 bedroom apartment in Capitol Hill! (501 12th St NE)
Bright White: Give me this kitchen! While my personal aesthetic tends to be more classic, a pure white kitchen always appeals to me. Sure this place will require a lot of upkeep to stay gleaming, but that’s what Magic Erasers are for.

Beware of the unknowns: This apartment’s post doesn’t offer much description — no mention of utility cost, or lease requirements. When making an inquiry, ask for details!

$3027 / 2br – 970ft2 – Beautiful 2BR/BA with Walk-In Closets and Balcony! (14th Street U Street Yellow/Green Metro)
Get Cozy: The frigid weather we’ve experienced lately has made me long for a fireplace, especially one that looks like this! I’ve toured this U Street building (the Ellington) before and it comes with fantastic amenities and incredible rooftop views.

Why it may not work: U Street is not for those seeking peace and quiet. Sure this building’s location is perfect, but it comes with a lot of noise.

$3199 / 2br – 1350ft2 – Beautiful 2 Story Row House | Pleasant Plains (2709 Sherman Avenue)
What makes it great: Not sure where “Pleasant Plains” is located, but the post says it’s accessible from nearly everywhere in the city. This two-bedroom home is so cozy but still looks immaculate! The soft gray walls make for a clean canvas for you to decorate. I’ve read this color is referred to as breige (gray/beige).

Why you should think twice:
Big isn’t always better. Places this big often come with expensive utility bills, not a problem if you’re good at keeping the lights turned off.

I realize this week’s post is a little short, but there wasn’t much on Craigslist today. Hoping to see much more next week.



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