Open House Roundup


I recently had coffee with a real estate friend who told me that he “could totally see me living in a cool old house on Capitol Hill.” Up until that very moment, this never occurred to me. I have always been a NW girl but now I am finding myself snooping around DC’s other quadrants. Now I too can see myself in a charming house on Capitol Hill but at what cost? It’s easy to become discouraged in this market because even a million bucks might not get you the house of your dreams. The reality is that the house of your dreams requires a little imagination and most of the time, a little sacrifice. I have never considered Capitol Hill but the pros (close to work, an actual single family home I could afford, and room to grow) seems to outweigh the con of settling in a neighborhood that feels a bit foreign. So please excuse the Capitol Hill overload this week. For more information on opens, email me at

Spacious and Historic Kalorama One Bedroom with Bonus Space: $399,000


One Bedroom, Two Levels in Kalorama: $565,000


Small But Charming Capitol Hill Row House: $598,500


Cool and Spacious Row House, Also Capitol Hill: $649,900


Cozy House, Dream Kitchen in Shepherd Park: $775,000


All New Everything in Petworth: $799,000




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