I usually spend my time on Craigslist searching for affordable one bedroom options and occasionally come across a charming two-bedroom. Today I switched things up and went out in search of some two-bedrooms that may just make you want to find a roommate (or take the plunge with a significant other!). Scroll down for a few finds with some awesome views!

$2350 – 2 BD/2 BA – 833 sq feet – Stunning Condo with TWO Master Suites (McLean Gardens) 



Split for two: $1175 (two master bedrooms)

Included: Water, Sewage, Trash, W/D in unit

Tenant pays for: Electricity, cable/internet

Outside parking for $75/month, indoor for $200/month

Why I picked it:I love charm and character to my core, but last year when I was buying my condo – I actually submitted a bid in this building. It doesn’t ooze DC charm – but it makes up for it in amenities. This unit is even nicer than the one I nearly bought because it has two master suites (the second bedroom in the one I looked at was much smaller) – making it ideal for roommates splitting rent down the middle.

What makes it great: This is a well-cared for building in an awesome little neighborhood. If you love the city but feel a slight craving for suburbs – this will be your happy medium. It is next to Cathedral Commons (Giant, CVS, Starbucks, Zengo Cycle, etc) so you still have easy walking access to stores/restaurants but the quiet neighborhood feel of McLean Gardens. It doesn’t mention it but it likely has access to fitness center, pool, and other perks you’d find in a gated community if you lived in the ‘burbs.

Why you may think twice: The listing calls this Cleveland Park but if you’re thinking of the stretch of Connecticut Avenue – this is NOT it. It is about a mile to each of the Cleveland Park and Tenleytown stations. Buses run up and down Wisconsin fairly often but if you rely on Metro to get around, this may not be the perfect find for you.


$2995- 2 BD/2 BA – 925 sq feet – Sunny Penthouse Apartment with Private Skyline View (Dupont)

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Split for two: $1497.50

Included: W/D included

Tenant pays for: n/a

Street parking

Why I picked it: The natural light/views in this place is enough for me to want to go see it

What makes it great: The high ceilings (9 feet) really make this natural light even more incredible. This apartment faces wests and appears to be a prime place for watching DC sunsets – while in the comfort of home! Kitchen and bathrooms both appear to be in good shape and the open-concept living/dining/kitchen area makes the common room seem very large. Great, walkable location – close to Dupont Metro Station.

Why you may think twice: No information on the bedroom sizes. Right now the second bedroom appears to be set up as an office or second living room but if you’re trying to split rent relatively evenly,  this may not be a fair split for one roommate. No information about utilities either which could cause price to rise.


$2997 – 2 BD/2 BA – 1100 sq feet – Sunny apartment with Panoramic views (Logan Circle)



Split for two: $1498.50

Included: W/D included

Tenant pays for: n/a

Attached garage (no info on parking fees)

Why I picked it: Even on its dreariest days, DC is a beautiful city. People pay prime dollars for views like this – and this already appears to be a great deal.

What makes it great: The panoramic view isn’t one you’ll just enjoy from inside. In addition to the big, wrap around windows – there are two balconies in this apartment. Kitchen and bathrooms both look to be in great shape – and there’s plenty of room for your furniture in the huge living/dining space.

Why you may think twice:  There aren’t photos of either bedroom. The layout pic labels one bedroom as the master though it’s not much larger than the other. Definitely bring your camera to snap some pics if you go to check this place out in person. If nothing else, you’ll have the views to remember.


$3200- 2 BD/1 BA – 1100 sq feet- Renovated condo (Dupont Circle)



Split for two: $1600 (uneven bedrooms)

Included: Water, gas, W/D included

Tenant pays for: n/a

Street parking

Why I picked it: This listing drew me in with the photos but the information provided leaves a lot to be desired.

What makes it great: This looks like a beautiful renovation in an awesome historic townhouse in one of the most walkable parts of DC. The kitchen countertops and bathroom look straight out of a home and garden magazine. Includes access to shared outdoor space (not pictured). 10 minutes walk to Dupont Metro station.

Why you may think twice: Not very much information about the bedrooms – post only says the second bedroom includes a closet with sliding doors – there is no mention of the first bedroom. This is also the most expensive of the apartments I featured but the only one with only one bathroom.

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