Exposed Brick DC is a mix of Craigslist finds, exclusive listings, and profiles of some of DC’s best apartment buildings. I handpick great listings and provide commentary for interested renters and buyers. EBDC focuses on “apartment shopping,” not apartment hunting. Looking for your next place should be exciting. So whether you are in the market or only here to window shop, take this as an opportunity to learn what a good deal looks like and pass it on.



At home. Photo by Jason Hornick

Growing up in Charlottesville, Virginia, I was raised by an architect and a realtor/interior design junkie. I guess you could say my migration into real estate was only a matter of time. In September of 2013 I started a little blog called Exposed Brick DC. EBDC was born out of my love for real estate, design, and my determination to find a great deal. After only 6 months, the site broke one million page views. It didn’t take long for me to realize that renters and buyers were looking for a trained eye and a little bit of guidance. For the last few years I have been doling out advice, tips, and my flea market finds that no longer fit in my apartment, to other young professionals. It seemed like a natural next step to turn my past time into a career as a licensed agent in DC. On the weekends, you can find me wandering into open houses, haggling at flea markets, and enjoying a glass of wine with clients who have quickly become friends.

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