Spa Bathroom in Kalorama: $1725

$1725 1 BD/1 BA: 520 sq ft Kalorama Some utilities included What makes it great: The bathroom isn’t the only desirable feature of this apartment. It has been recently renovated, along with the kitchen....

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Tranquil Cleveland Park Home for Two: $2300

$2300 2 BD/1 BA: 800 sq ft Cleveland Park Some utilities included What makes it great: I love Cleveland Park. It is quiet, clean, and brimming with good deals. I get that is it...

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Tiny Studios: $1295

I recently watched a documentary about the importance of living minimally. It turns out that having just what you need may be the key to happiness. So if you are sick of keeping...

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Open House Roundup

This week’s roundup is a good opportunity for a #FBF. I try to keep tabs on the properties I feature in the open house roundup because I am curious about how much they...

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Friday Roundup

Something for everyone this week. Stay tuned for the open house roundup! $1400 Newly Renovated Studio Apartment in Dupont Circle (Washington $1495 / 675ft2 – Beautiful 1bedroom Apartment in the District for under...

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Creative Two Bedroom in Kalorama: $1980

$1980 1 BD/1 BA: 654 sq ft Kalorama No utilities mentioned What makes it great: Technically this is a one bedroom apartment but if you get creative, you can make this into a...

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So DC in Columbia Heights: $2500

$2500 2 BD/1.5 BA: 800 sq ft Columbia Heights All utilities included What makes it great: This apartment is so DC to me. This converted row house probably has a few units in it....

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Lower Level Deals: $1300

Lower level, english basement, terrace level– there are a lot of ways to describe a unit that is below grade. Some are better than others but they are worth considering, especially if you...

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A Studio for Everyone: $1495

No matter what your budget is, there is a studio for you. All of these are pretty tiny– with the exception of the one at The Frontenac. I have toured that building and...

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Mystery Walk Up in Adams Morgan: $2400

$2400 2 BD/1 BA: NA Adams Morgan No utilities mentioned What makes it great: Anybody know where this is? The ad says the building is near 17th and Columbia Road and has a grocery...

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Vacancies at the Norwood: $1685

Y’all know how much I love my building. Right now we have several vacancies. Studios start at $1685 and one bedrooms start at $1894– all utilities included! That is a tough deal to...

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Presh Potomac Ave House: $2750

$2750 2 BD/1.5 BA: 1500 sq ft Capitol Hill No utilities are included What makes it great: Sorry if you are sick of me talking about Capitol Hill’s potential. There are just so many...

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Spotlight on Capitol Hill: $1325

The best deals are on Capitol Hill these days. Check them out. If you need decorating inspo, check out the two bedrooms. Very cute decor! $1325 / 1br – English Basement (CAPITOL HILL)...

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On the Road: $1700

On the road to SC today for a wedding. Here is a quick roundup for the day. I am going try and find some time on Friday to do the Open House Round...

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Decent Deal on a Capitol Hill EB: $1500

  $1500 1 BD/1 BA Capitol Hill Some utilities included What makes it great: I have been spending a lot of time in Capitol Hill lately with clients and I have to say that...

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Tasteful Trinidad House with Parking: $2600

$2600 2 BD/2 BA: 1182 sq ft Trinidad No utilities mentioned What makes it great: Let’s be real, finding a hour under $3k is tough these days. If you are on a budget and...

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Dupont Apartment “Always Goes Fast:” $1775

$1775 1 BD/1 BA: 600 sq ft Dupont Some utilities included What makes it great: This isn’t the most updated apartment in town but you are paying for location. Swann Street has been a...

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Cool Picks from Nest DC: $1750

If you haven’t heard of Nest DC, they are boutique property management company with awesome options. I can always tell when I have stumbled upon a Nest DC listing because the pictures are...

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Big Building Deals: $1300

Between lease takeovers and building specials, there are some good deals out there if you want to go the big apartment building route. A few of these buildings are huge (Highland Park and...

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The Great Outdoors: $1685

This insane weather is making everyone want to get outside. Luckily for you, I have a quick list of places that have some killer outdoor space. The Kalorama listing has an insane PRIVATE...

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