OTM: Cozy Capitol Hill Condo

I will admit that $1699 for a studio is a bit pricey. However, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this warm and inviting condo. Located on the top floor of a...

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OTM: Small Studios with Smaller Price Tags

In my book, anything under 400 square feet is just too small. A common mistake people make when imagining a studio space is assuming that the total square footage is equal to the...

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OTM: Taste of Europe in Shaw

I keep coming across this two-level condo in Shaw. It is unique, comes with some great features, and is only about a year old. The condo is $2650 per month but the seller...

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OTM: Two Apartments, One House

When scouring through Craigslist, I am pretty liberal with my initial choices. I then go back through the several open tabs, compare and refine based on the quality of the listings that day....

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OTM: District Mansion

What would you pay to live in a DC mansion? The cost may not be as much as you think. How about $1275 a month? If you have five friends willing to split...

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OTM: A Splurge and a Steal

Want a spacious apartment in Adams Morgan? There are two ways to do it: splurge or save. If you want high quality and move in ready, expect a hefty price tag. For those...

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OTM: Sights and Sounds

My little brother recently moved into his own place in Charlottesville. An aspiring director, he recently debuted his second film in the Virginia Film Festival. He used a French directing style that focuses...

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OTM: Top Floor vs. Bottom Floor

Two units in the same apartment building with the same square footage should mean the same price. Not necessarily. Here is an example of two units in the same building that vary drastically...

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OTM: Monkey Box

My mom and I decided to spend Small Business Saturday thrifting. She introduced me to small thrift shop that looks like a junk shop from the outside. The store is split into booths...

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Off the Market: Rival Rowhouses $2800

For many DC renters, there is the allure of a classic rowhouse. Finding a house on a limited budget can be a challenge. If being in an established neighborhood is a priority, than...

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Off the Market: Love for Less

Miss Pixie’s strikes again! I really shouldn’t be allowed in there. I am guilty of decorating for spaces that don’t exists. I will rack my brain trying to figure out where to put...

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Off the Market: Two Apartments in One

Many renters are looking for a place that is unique. One-of-a-kind places present themselves is varying ways. For some people, one-of-a-kind means vintage touches and original features. For others, it is the thrill...

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Off the Market: DIY Loft

When I opened up this listing I was delighted. I was immediately sold when I saw the vintage fireplace and hardwood floors. It only got better when I read that the studio has...

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Off the Market: Finding a Modern Two Bedroom for a Bargain

The reality is that many of the buildings in established neighborhoods are older. The flashy, modern buildings are much easier to find in developing neighborhoods. It can be extremely frustrating if you are...

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Off the Market: Urban Oasis with Private Roofdeck $4150

Get ready to drool over this property. This is not an apartment or a condo. This is a full blown three bedroom townhouse with stunning features. All 2100 square feet have been completely...

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Off the Market: The Truth Hurts

This week Urbane, a company that makes less than ordinary street maps for popular cites, came out with it’s DC version. All I have to say is that the truth may hurt because...

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Off the Market: The Things You Never Needed

If you are coming to DC from college, grad school, or maybe just another less expensive city you are probably used to certain “luxuries.” To many the standard for luxury is high. For...

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Off the Market: District Flea

From the creators of Brooklyn Flea, District Flea is quickly growing in popularity. Located in Shaw, the outdoor flea market features a variety of vendors. Of course, I had to go check out...

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Off the Market: BYOM?

Does the acronym BYOM, make you run? BYOM or “Bring Your Own Mattress” is a feature in some DC apartments. What this means is that there is a foldout bed or a murphy...

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Off the Market: The Disappearing Dining Room

My dad has designed several apartment buildings in Charlottesville. Most of these buildings are geared towards students at UVA. When designing for students and recent grads design priorities change. The most noticeable change...

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