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Whether you are looking to rent or buy, you understand that the market is cluttered with undesirable properties. Most sites subscribe to the mentality that more is better. I disagree. I created Exposed Brick DC to provide a more curated experience. Rather than scrolling through thousands of listings on Zillow and Craigslist, start here.

I became a licensed agent in 2015 so I could work with clients one-on-one, I aim to provide the same curated experience. The difference is that I will be sharing only the properties that fit your needs. Through working together you get direct access to my trained eye and guidance to finding the perfect property. This personalized level of service takes time and thoughtfulness, therefore I am honing in on my strengths and focusing on fewer services for clients.

Buyer’s Agent

If you have found your rental on EBDC, worked with me directly, or have just been a long time reader, you know my style. I am always on the prowl for the historic gems, modern deals, and places that just have that “it” factor. If you are ready to upgrade from your rental and buy a piece of DC that you can truly call your own, I can help. I am combing the market anyway. Why not put your list of wants on the top of my list? Best of all, there is no cost to work together.


Rental Listing Agent

Have you just rehabbed your English basement? Have you and your family out grown your condo but don’t want to sell? I can help you get it rented. With the right photos, copy, staging, and marketing efforts, I can ensure that your rental stands out from the rest. Fees for listings range from half a month’s rent to a whole month’s rent. For more information on packages and EBDC reader stats, feel free to contact me directly.


Design Consultation

Historic properties are beautiful but they come with their challenges. Navigating odd angles, “useless” nooks and crannies, and thirteen foot ceilings can make your head spin. If you want a little help designing and organizing your space, I am here to help. Packages are flexible and affordable.


If you have general questions about real estate or my services, you can reach me directly at jamie@exposedbrickdc.com.

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