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Open House Roundup

1-2-3-4-5. There is something in here from everyone. It’s near impossible to find something move-in ready in the $100k range but here are some options in $200k-$500k range. Like the roundup, today’s list is...

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Friday Roundup

Today’s roundup is about quality not quantity. A few places really caught my eye. Fingers crossed there aren’t any scams in here. The charming one bedroom in Dupont is beyond amazing and has...

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Ground Level Deals: $1300

I have said it before and I will say it again, the best deals are on the ground floor. Has anyone seen these renovated units at the Parkway Apartments? Back when I lived...

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Chapin Again: $1650

$1650 1 BD/1 BA: NA U Street Some utilities included What makes it great: There was another listing in this building not too long ago. $1650 sounds inexpensive for the area and may cause...

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Huge Yard and Curb Appeal Near H Street: $2995

$2995 3 BD/2.5 BA: 1576 sq ft H Street No utilities included What makes it great: Holy curb appeal. When I was browsing the agent database I was immediately captivated by the exterior of...

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Three Places to See in Dupont

Dupont can be a tough a neighborhood to break into. The prices are high and the demand is high. It’s not everyday that I stumble upon THREE great options. There are all around...

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Huge Apartment for Two in Woodley: $2500

$2500 2 BD/2 BA: 1159 sq ft Woodley Park Some utilities included What makes it great: Yet another great apartment up for grabs due to so many of us having to get new jobs....

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Converted Rowhouse Loft in Ad Mo: $1600

$1600 0 BD/1 BA: 550 sq ft Adams Morgan No utilities mentioned What makes it great: This is the find of the day. The current tenant is devastated to leave and I can understand...

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Thoughtful Reno Near H Street: $1380

$1380 1 BD/1 BA: 550 sq ft H Street Cleaning service included What makes it great: Thoughtful landlord alert. Certainly this landlord knows that her place is destined to rent quickly at this price...

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The Ultimate Lounge Spot Near U Street and Dupont: $1800

$1800 1 BD/1 BA: NA U Street No utilities mentioned What makes it great: I can’t decide what I like most about this place: the outdoor space or the location. Both are on point....

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Pretty Spot in Petworth with a Den: $2450

$2450 2 BD/2 BA: NA Petworth No utilities mentioned What makes it great: This is such a sweet house. It worries me a little bit that there isn’t a ton of information but the...

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One Bedroom on Pretty Kalorama Street: $1700

$1700 1 BD/1 BA: 490 sq ft Kalorama Some utilities included What makes it great: Craigslist is dead with the upcoming holiday and most of you have already left town. Before I leave, here...

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Unreal Deal for Three On U Street: $3600

$3600 3 BD/2.5 BA: 1244 sq ft U Street Garage parking included What makes it great: Man, Craigslist has been super scammy today. I have been browsing the agent database instead and there are...

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Two Places to See before T Day

I know this is a short week for most of you. If you are stressing about where to live post-Thanksgiving, I have two awesome options for you. The catch is that you need...

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Live From The Vineyard

I swear I don’t usually go on vacation this much. This month has been packed with celebrations but I can’t complain. All my fiancé wanted for his birthday was a trip to Martha’s...

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The Mortgage Minute

In case you haven’t heard, after Trump won the election interest rates went up. They did a special on the news about how reluctant homebuyers and now racing to make to a decision...

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Get Out of the City: $1395

$1395 1 BD/1 BA: 486 sq ft 16th Street Heights Some utilities included What makes it great: Sometime I think about packing up and moving out of the city. I can’t help but sometimes...

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Modern Spot for Nats Fans: $2700

$2700 2 BD/2 BA: 1535 sq ft Navy Yard/SW Waterfront Some utilities included What makes it great: Nats fans rejoice. Get this place now and be the envy of all your friends come next...

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Spacious Petworth Retreat: $1650

$1650 1 BD/1 BA: 616 sq ft Petworth Some utilities included What makes it great: If you don’t feel like jamming all of your belongings into 400 square feet Downtown, consider this Petworth retreat....

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Sucker for Staging on U Street: $1650

  $1650 0 BD/1 BA: 406 sq ft U Street Some utilities included What makes it great: I wish more rentals were staged. I know it doesn’t make sense in DC’s fast paced market...

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