2M Teaser


If you were thinking about skipping Friday’s party with me and Apartminty, think again. Free drinks and free food is great but the real treat is hanging out at 2M. While preparing for the event, I toured the whole building and this is a place you have to see to believe. I never think that my photos do most apartments justice but it is especially true here. Since the party will be on the roof, I will give you an inside peek there first.

Before you go out to the roof, you walk through the awesome rooftop lounge. The lounge features designer decor, a flatscreen TV, and a state of the art kitchen. Floor to ceiling windows make it possible to enjoy the awesome views all year round.


Once outside, the roof has several gardens, seating areas, and of course, an awesome pool. The views are truly breathtaking. It feels like you could almost reach out and touch the Capitol. Right on the corner of North Capitol and M Street, it is a clear view. The Monument doesn’t look half bad either.


Beyond the impressive rooftop, 2M seems to appeal to every kind of renter. Love basketball? There is an indoor court. Love art? The entire building features art by local artists. The lobby is half apartment building, half museum. Love to swim? There is a rooftop pool. Love kids or babysitting? There is a kid’s clubroom. Love to workout? There is a gym. I could go on and on but you get the idea. 2M has really gone above and beyond to make their building the premier building in NoMa.

Where 2M really excels is their love for animals. Emmy, the resident puppy has a bigger social media following than I do. This novel idea of a resident puppy, has spring boarded 2M to the top of any animal lover’s list. Everyone at 2M knows Emmy and has the opportunity to play with her anytime of day. 2M has a special dog park area, perfect for Emmy or your own pooch.


The apartments are modern, spacious, and have all the amenities you could want. There are still a few apartments available. If you are in the market, give 2M a call. They will give you an awesome tour and hook you up with a great apartment.



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