Live From The Vineyard


I swear I don’t usually go on vacation this much. This month has been packed with celebrations but I can’t complain. All my fiancé wanted for his birthday was a trip to Martha’s Vineyard. All my friends from New England said we were crazy to go this time of year but so far it has been the most peaceful and perfect getaway. We wanted to stay in an AirBnB so I made sure to find the cutest one possible. Always fascinated by small spaces, I chose an apartment above a boutique on main street, affectionately referred to as a pied-á-terre.

This tiny apartment is a testament to how you can make any small space work. Yes the kitchen, dining room, and living room are all one space, but you immediately forget when you see the beautiful bay window and plantation shutters. Without a creative eye this floor plan would be intimidating, but all the elements for a memorable space are here: crown modeling, rustic hardwood floors, lovable nooks, etc. The entire place is filled with antique finds and vintage inspired pieces. Basically if I had an AirBnB, it would look just like this. See below for pictures to inspire your small space. To plan your own trip to Martha’s Vineyard, check out AirBnB. 

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