Worth the Wait on Capitol Hill: $1966




1 and 2 BDs

Capitol Hill

No utilities mentioned

What makes it great: At first these photos made me nervous because this kitchen looks JUST like a kitchen in a condo I saw on Friday. I know scammers will rip photos from places for sale but I think this is the real deal. I looked up the building and it looks like they have put a ton of work into updating these units. They are currently pre-leasing so the units probably aren’t quite ready but getting in early could get you a deal. Let me know if anyone checks these out. Not a ton of info on Craigslist.

Why you should think twice: Not a ton of info on Craigslist. You will need to contact the lister directly.

Click here to see the original listing and schedule a tour. 

If you need two bedrooms. 



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