Furnished Loft for a Short Stay on 14th: $4000


You would think with the amount of people constantly coming and going from DC, that there would be tons of short term, furnished options. Surprisingly, this is just not the case. When people reach out asking for a short term place, the only resource I can think of is a Craigslist sublet or perhaps AirBnB. To make matters worse, the few furnished options out there can be kind of icky. If I am paying a premium for a furnished place, I don’t want to deal with cheap Ikea furniture. For those of you looking for a short term furnished place, I have a solution.

See below for pictures of this amazing loft on 14th Street. Located in the Union Row building, this loft is just over 1200 square feet. As you will notice, it is fabulously furnished. The dining room chairs are legit vintage, not replicas. The second bedroom is being used as a makeshift gym but can be easily outfitted with a bed if necessary. All utilities are included and there is garage parking for an additional fee. The owner is looking for a 6-9 month lease starting immediately. If you or a friend are in need for an awesome short term place, let me know. Unit is renting for $4000 a month.

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