Open House Roundup


A little food for thought this week. When exploring places to buy, there is one thing that I have been keeping in mind lately. Why do some condos feel like rentals? As much as the idea of building equity appeals to me, I don’t want to live in a place that I feel like I could easily score on the rental market. I think this is part of the reason single family homes are in such high demand. If you don’t have the cash for a single family home (who does these days,)  I think it is important to find a condo with a little personality. The next time you are in a condo, close your eyes and ask yourself, “could I be in a high rise right now anywhere in the country?” If the answer is yes, think twice. Ways to combat this feeling? DC-specific views, historic details, and metro accessibility doesn’t hurt. Below are my picks for this week. Email if interested!

Corner Unit, Blank Canvas in Woodley Park: $449,000


School House Turned Condo in Ledroit Park: $455,000


Rustic Charm on Capitol Hill for Three: $619,000


Bright and Airy Townhouse in Kalorama with Parking: $639,000


Roomy Petworth Home Steps from Sherman Circle: $695,000





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