Happy Tuesday! The happiest part of today for me  (besides cruising Craigslist for listings!) is the fact that it’s finally above freezing again! Hooray! Hopefully that’s the only blast of winter cold we’ll be seeing this season – and we can settle into some of these great homes in non-Arctic temperatures! Happy home hunting!

$1900 – 1 BD – 525 square feet – Great location, historic building, newly renovated luxury apartment (Adams Morgan)


Utilities: Water & Sewer included; W/D in unit; parking available for additional $250

What makes it great: I love when a historic building can have a modern flair – this place seems to perfect it. This is in a townhouse in Lanier Heights (blocks from Adams Morgan) but looks like it could be in a luxury high rise downtown.  I love the high ceilings, open floor plan, brand new floor plan, and how big windows take advantage of the natural light. The listing also includes some information about why this is a historic home (a former famous resident) – which can always be a fun tidbit to have about your apartment!

Why you may think twice: For as much info as the listing includes, I still have a lot of questions. It’s unclear if this is a 1 bathroom or 1.5. The landlord also made some pretty dramatic choices when it comes to paint colors  (the bright yellow door is one thing; having that same color in your living room may be another).



$1950 – 1 BD/ 1 BA – 1100 sq feet – Beautifully renovated English basement (Bloomingdale)


Utilities: W/D in unit

What makes it great: 1100 square feet for a ONE bedroom is gigantic (for DC). The photos make it look like this apartment keeps going and going and going. Even if you’re ‘downsizing’ from a two bedroom, this will likely still be more space. Bloomingdale is also becoming a great neighborhood to go out in – you’ll be close to a lot in walking distance – once the weather warms up again, that will be a big perk! I’m also a fan of the big closet/built-in shelving and the renovated kitchen.

Why you may think twice: Maybe the photos just aren’t clear, but it’s hard to tell where the rooms of this apartment begin and end. It almost looks like it is all one room – which would make this a HUGE studio but with very little privacy.

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$3200 – 2 BD/2 BA – 1150 sq feet – Spacious apartment in townhouse (U Street Corridor) 

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This unit costs a bit more than most units I like to feature – but for such a cool looking place in an awesome area, I thought I’d throw it in the mix!

All utilities included; parking for additional fee

What makes it great: This is a pretty big apartment for this part of town. It is a two-story, two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment inside a townhouse along U Street (1 block from 14th Street). The unit has a lot of the charming aspects of a DC townhouse (exposed brick, fireplace, etc.) but appears to have been fully renovated (listing notes new kitchen, new bathroom, new hardwood floors).

Why you may think twice: You’ll need to check it out in person to make sure its worth the price tag. It also appears that one of these floors may be the basement which may not make this as attractive to some people.


$3850 – 3 BD/ 2 BA – Gorgeous Sun Filled Home with Detached Two Car Garage (Capitol Hill)


Disclaimer: I’m a sucker for yellow and natural sun light. This one had me before I even saw much more than the title and first photo!

Utilities: W/D in home; two-car garage

What makes it great: Today is a good reminder that DC isn’t ALWAYS frigid cold – and once it warms back up, won’t you want a patio and private backyard? This house certainly isn’t the most modern on the market – but if you consider the fact that three roommates could rent for under $1300/person – this is a pretty good deal. This place has a lot of potential if you have the eye (and time!) for it.

Why you may think twice: ‘Fully renovated’ appears to mean different things to different people. While this doesn’t have its original 1911 appliances, this wasn’t gutted and redone yesterday. Its worth taking a look at in person to see what its really like. You’d also want to pay attention to the ‘loft space’ which is considered the master bedroom. Its hard to tell which is which in the photos but it may mean your master doesn’t have its own door.

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