Friday Roundup

When looking for an apartment to rent, there are two ways to go. You can go the professionally managed, large apartment building route– you know the ones with a leasing office, maybe some...

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Chic Shaw Row House: $2900

$2900 2 BD/2 BA: 1300 sq ft Shaw Some utilities included What makes it great: This is one of the rare occasions where I wished a place came furnished. I am loving the style...

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Feeing Thrifty?

DC prices got you down? It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find a deal in this market. If you find something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I came...

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More Moving Specials in Takoma Park: $1775

$1775 1 BD/1 BA: 706 sq ft Takoma Park No utilities mentioned What makes it great: Last week I talked about the perks of moving into a brand new building. Management companies work hard...

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Three Options in Dupont: $1550

If you want to be Dupont, but are struggling with how much to spend, no need to worry. Here are three options at various price points. Another bonus? All three have dishwashers. Say...

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Inauguration Roundup

Take my advice. It is best to put your apartment search on pause this weekend. Beyond the fact that it is going to be impossible to get around, there just isn’t much out...

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Commuter’s Dream in Brookland: $1670

$1670 1 BD/1 BA: 650 sq ft Brookland Most utilities included What makes it great: If you are moving to the city with a car that you need to drive everyday, this is a...

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Ball Out on U Street: $2000

$2000 0 BD/1 BA: 496 sq ft U Street No utilities mentioned What makes it great: Before you jump all over me for posting about a $2000 a month studio, hear me out. I...

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Two New Two Bedrooms in NoMa: $2500

I stumbled upon a very interesting but very small project last night. I don’t know if this was a full gut job of an existing rowhouse or if it is entirely brand new....

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Filter Not Necessary in Shaw: $1925

$1925 1 BD/1 BA: 725 sq ft Shaw Some utilities included What makes it great: While I appreciate the effort to post interesting pictures on Craigslist, the filter is not necessary. I think despite...

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Actually Afford Your Pet and Apartment in Kalorama: $1475

$1475 0 BD/1 BA: 400 sq ft Kalorama Some utilities included What makes it great: Pets are expensive. My friend’s English Bulldog recently had to have surgery after tearing her ACL. Real. Life. The...

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Big Surprise on U Street: $2100

$2100 1 BD/1 BA: 725 sq ft U Street Some utilities included What makes it great: We have all been told not to judge a book by its cover. In real estate this is...

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Open House Roundup

This weekend’s open houses are kind of dismal. The most interesting places this weekend are across the river. Are you guys ready for that? I fell in love a house in Hillcrest but...

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Friday Roundup

Gearing up for another busy weekend. Hope you are ready to hit the ground running and snatch up some of these finds. Happy hunting! $1300 / 1br – Avail. Immediately – Beautiful light-filled...

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Balconies and Parking in Columbia Heights: $2600

$2600 2 BD/1 BA: NA Columbia Heights Some utilities included What makes it great: I hate the feeling of being cooped up inside an apartment. My windows are almost always open because I need...

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Classic Charm in Adams Morgan: $1850

$1850 1 BD/1 BA: NA Adams Morgan Some utilities included What makes it great: I walk by this complex often and think, “Why wasn’t I around in 1980 so I could have scooped one...

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Affordable Option in Brookland: $1500

$1500 1 BD/1 BA: NA Brookland Utilities included What makes it great: My inbox has been flooded recently with people dying to live alone while on a budget. Disclaimer: I am pretty good at...

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Southern Living in Glover Park: $1750

$1750 1 BD/1 BA: 650 sq ft Glover Park Some utilities included What makes it great: If this apartment was anywhere else in the city, I would be sure that it was a scam....

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Garden Envy in Columbia Heights: $2600

$2600 2 BD/1 BA: 625 sq ft Columbia Heights No utilities included What makes it great: In this bitter cold it is hard to remember what flowers look like. Clearly this is an older...

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$1950 1 BD/1 BA: 600 sq ft Adams Morgan Some utilities included What makes it great: Sorry to post another unit for $1950 but this one must be seen. Just when you thought you...

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