Open House Roundup


For those of you look for an affordable two bedroom, this is your weekend. There are several options in great neighborhoods this week. But beware because you also get what you pay for. If you find a two bedroom under $5ook don’t expect a ton of updates or space. You will need to embrace window unit life and a more minimalistic interior design. The house in Brookland is a great example. Clocking in at less than 1000 square feet, this is a true tiny home with an appealing price tag. If you are dying to have a single family home, this is an affordable way to do it. My tip? Measure your furniture carefully. This little house is narrow AF. If you can handle a studio, go with the one in Ledriot and negotiate to keep that gallery wall. For more info on this week’s picks, shoot me a note. 

Ledroit Studio with Soaring Ceilings and Exposed Brick…plus that Gallery Wall: $349,000


Grand Entry and Classic Black and White Tile in Kalorama: $365,000


Classic Capitol Hill One Bedroom in the Car Barn: $399,000


Charming One Bedroom in Prime 14th Street Location: $409,000


Another Affordable Two Bedroom in Mount Pleasant: $450,000


Airy Kalorama Two Bedroom for a Steal: $475,000


Brookland Tiny House: $495,000


Petworth House with Amazing Kitchen/Dining Setup: $649,000




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